About PediHeartNet

What is PediHeartNet?

PediHeartNet is a private, un-moderated discussion group on the Internet. Its purpose is to provide a means of communication for professionals involved in the care of children with heart disease. Originally it was called "PediHeart" - renamed "PediHeartNet" in 2004.

How does it work?

PediHeartNet is a listserver. Electronic mail sent by a member is automatically re-distributed by e-mail to all the all other members. These are called "postings".

PediHeartNet provides the opportunity to participate in a worldwide discussion with professionals involved in various aspects of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. On a usual day there are approximately five to ten postings.

PediHeartNet today

PediHeartNet was started in 1994 by Drs. Kenneth Jue and Adam Birek at Children's Hospital Central California. It currently has over 1,500 members from over 60 countries. Members come from leading academic centers, private and public institutions in larger cities and also from relatively isolated areas. The vast majority of members are cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, but a variety of other professionals are represented. Over 20,000 messages have been posted so far. Responses to a recent survey (Feb. 2009) illustrate the wide reach of PediHeartNet: over 170 institutions responded (approx. 90 from the US and 80 from other countries). PediHeartNet is thought to be a high quality electronic discussion group, to have a definite educational value and a positive influence on clinical practice. 1, 2, 3

PediHeartNet is a free service

Financial support is provided by the Isabelle Jue Memorial Educational Foundation at Children's Hospital Central California. Past supporters include UCSF - Fresno Medical Education Program and the journal Pediatric Cardiology (Springer-Verlag N.Y.)

How to subscribe?

Membership is restricted to health professionals involved in the care of children with heart disease. To subscribe go to the How To Joinpage. The administrators, Laura Birek and Adam Birek can be reached via the contact page.


A condition for subscription to PediHeartNet is that participants understand and agree to the terms listed below. If you do not fully agree to these conditions, both in spirit and in the letter, please do not subscribe to PediHeartNet.

With over 1,500 members, PediHeartNet is a PUBLIC FORUM. No one can control what happens to information posted on PediHeartNet. Discussion on PediHeartNet is not intended and should not be construed as a consultancy nor as advice on a particular patient or patient care. It is a forum for the dissemination and development of general medical knowledge. Please do not rely on comments posted on PediHeartNet to make specific patient care decisions, and do not include printed versions of these comments in any patient's medical record. Protection of patient privacy is the responsibility of the persons posting information.

PediHeartNet is a vehicle designated to facilitate communication between private individuals and improve the care of children with heart disease. It does not monitor, moderate, judge, censor or promote the content of the messages. Individuals posting messages on PediHeartNet bear the sole responsibility for the content of their messages.

The persons USING the information gained on PediHeartNet have the sole responsibility for any consequences or damages resulting from their action. PediHeartNet, its operator(s), members, Children's Hospital Central California bear no responsibility whatsoever, direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise resulting from any action or lack of action related to the activities on PediHeartNet. PediHeartNet may reject any applicant for any reason whatsoever, may terminate the membership of any subscriber at any time without reason, may stop operation at any time without prior notice and may restrict access to any individual. PediHeartNet may or may not keep records of the messages sent through the system and it does not guarantee the accuracy of the messages transmitted.

PediHeartNet is supported by:

Children's Hospital Central California
Madera, CA 93638


Pediatric Anesthesia Associates Medical Group/Pediatric Critical Care Consultants at Children's Hospital Central California.

Isabelle Jue Pediatric Cardiology Memorial Education Fund at Children's Hospital Central California.

1. Pediatrics, 1997;100(2)
2. Pediatr. Cardiol. 18:323-325, 1997
3. Pediatr. Cardiol. 18:321-322, 1997